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EPP Pretty Little Fabric Bowl Pattern

Yes, it's here, my version of a fabric bowl made using English Paper Piecing (EPP) techniques. Now what, you may ask, is a teddy doll designer doing making bowls out of fabric? Well, here's the thing, I like to quilt and needle felt as well! I also have an on-going LOVE AFFAIR with fabric. I am floored by the beautiful variety of fabrics that are being produced. (I can hardly handle it.) Fabric is like art to me and I thought this fun and functional bowl pattern would be an ideal small project to showcase and celebrate the beauty of fabric while making a handy little container! It's a hand-stitched, portable project that is addictive!

Please check out the pattern in my store and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! Or just stop by and say hello....

Hugs, Jean xo

(Ps. Videos, tips, and the maker's gallery links are on my homepage at


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