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Doll & Teddy bear Show 2016

Jean: Hey, you want to go on a road trip?

Husband: Sure, where?

Jean: To the Doll & Teddy Bear Show in Puyallup!

Husband: Ah,

Next day

Jean: Are you sure you don't want to go on a road trip. It'll be fun.

Husband: Oh, alright.

Next day (on route to the show, driving in the rain)

Jean: Are you excited to be going to the doll show?

Husband: I can hardly contain myself.

Jean: (I knew he'd have fun. We drove three hours. I went to the show for 2 hours. He did work and had a burrito for lunch. We drove back home. Check out my haul in the next post! PS. Thank you dear husband. xo)


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