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Matilda Coat Contest with Prizes!

You are invited to enter Matilda’s Coat Contest. Please use the free basic coat pattern provided and unleash your creativity to create a little coat treasured by you. Share a picture of your coat and enter to win one of three fantastic prizes! See contest details and your link for the free pattern below. Don't be shy. Give it a try!


1st Prize: $100 cash

2nd Prize: Matilda Pattern & Kit ($75 value)

3rd Prize: Gift Certificate from Out of Hand Needle Arts ($25 value)

Contest Rules:

  • must use the basic pattern provided

  • you can shorten the coat or add seam allowances to sleeve ends and coat bottom if needed (for fabrics that fray for example)

  • coat can be made less A-line (straighter) and sleeves can be made narrower if desired

  • you can keep it plain or embellish as desired (pockets, belt, trims, buttons, …), you decide

  • you do not have to make a Matilda bunny to enter, this coat may fit a little 6” doll or bear and/or you can send in a picture of the coat by itself

  • open to all ages

Contest Deadline:

  • Photos must be received by Monday, Dec. 5th, 2016

  • Winners will be announced in the December Newsletter!

To Enter:

Make a coat and send a picture with your full contact details to:

(PS. Go get your 'creative' on and make a little coat or "coat dress". Maybe you want to make a wee Christmas coat with fur trim or reverse the design (front to back) and make a spooky costume. This little pattern is SO quick to sew up! Submit as many coats as you like.)


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