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Matilda found her new tiara a little heavy...

I have been searching for little crowns for Matilda, with no luck in finding one the right size. I bought some lace with 'points' on it and starched it to make it stand up like a lace crown. It looked okay. Then I found a tiara on sale at Forever 21! After felting great extended inner glee, I bought the tiara (and a fluffy cream coat) and then went home and used a pair of giant metal pipe cutters to cut the ends of the tiara to reduce the head band circumference. Next, I bent the shortened ends in so they would touch, notched them with a saw, and joined the ends by wrapping a small metal wire from one notch to the other to hold the ends together. Why do I do these things for a bunny? And why does it make me so happy?? ;)


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