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Free Lucky Coat & Sweater Pattern

Do you have a little teddy or elephant that needs a wee coat or sweater? This simple coat can be made in minutes using some felt or other non-fraying fabric. A sweet sweater can be made using the very same pattern using a scrap of an old sweater or other stretchy fabric and a little extra hand-stitching. Think of the possibilities. What about a jacket made of minkie, fake fur, or some other fabric you love? You can shorten the length of the sleeves and jacket, curve the front pieces, add a collar, pockets, ribbons, buttons, or other embellishments. Sweater lengths can be reduced as desired and a small (partial) slit can be made on the back of the sweater (instead of a complete frontal opening style) to make a pullover type sweater. So do let your imagination run wild and have fun being creative! Please do share a picture, I LOVE to see what you are making.Love & hugs, Jean xo

1) Make pattern template provided in the link below. Trace around template placed on folded fabric.

2) Pin the layers together and sew on the line under the arms and along the coat sides only.

3) Trim close to the seams and up into the armpit area. Cut on the pencil lines at the sleeve ends, the neck area, and the coat bottom edge.

4) Turn the coat right sides out and cut open the front through one layer only.

5) Alter to fit and embellish as desired!

Click here to print Lucky Coat & Sweater Pattern

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