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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

So, how far do you think one friend will go to make sure another friend has the fabric she needs to make Santa's thermal undershirt? Well, next time you talk or Instagram chat with Kerry Karram of woolpennyrugsupplies ask her if her husband noticed if his beige thermal long john's seemed just a little bit shorter...? Yes, yes she did. Kerry knew my Lucky Santa needed a thermal shirt and I couldn't find any suitable fabric. Sure enough, I get the picture below. What are friends for. xoxo

PS. Those cute Santa pants with the trim were made by Kerry. The fabric for thermal shirt and wool suspenders and those wee black buttons, were all supplied by Kerry. She even supplied more of that beautiful beige thread/trim for me to finish a matching Santa hat (I had NO idea how to sew those gorgeous threads on and can't wait to learn how it's supposed to be done). So this cute Santa is thanks to Kerry, right down to the loan of the copper tea pot...and Santa is so grateful for some tea after a long night of delivering presents.


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