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The Two Luckys

Ok, so I do tend to use mohair to make my teddy dolls but imagine my delight when I made a wee Lucky elephant using grey "fireside" fabric from my local fabric store and it turned out so cute! Who knew!? My youngest son (who is 21 and rarely notices what I am doing) even commented that the grey "fireside" material looked more like "real" elephant skin. The fabric was incredibly easy to work with and held the form of the pattern beautifully. This foray into using other types of fabrics was partly inspired by a beautiful picture someone kindly shared with me. It was a photo of her adorable granddaughter hugging the sweetest elephant made from my Lucky pattern using grey "minky" fabric! The maker had enlarged the Lucky pattern on the photocopier and sewed her granddaughter the most delightful, velvety-soft, cuddly (slightly larger) elephant doll (complete with clothes) for a present! That's amore.


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