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New Kitty Pattern is Available!

Well, she's done. My newest kitty pattern is now available for purchase. She is 6" (or 15 cm) tall and fully-jointed like her friends Matilda bunny and Lucky the elephant. In case you have fallen in love with her 3 little dresses, just know that they fit Matilda and Lucky too!

Kittie looks so unique in each different type of fabric. The first kitty is made of viscose, the second is made from mohair, and the third is made from Minky Cuddle! Don't even get me started about how they look in those cute shoes (available from my sotreasuredshop on Etsy).

Do you like to sew? Have you ever made a jointed teddy-bear? Why not try your hand at sewing a jointed kitty. The quick sew method makes sewing this kitty so easy. Learn how to joint and customize your kitty with the step-by-step instructions and colour photos.

Have you ever wondered how to attach glass eyes? Well, learn an easy way to finish a cute teddy bear kitty face by purchasing the Kittie pattern from * My secret tip for producing this "teary-eyed" look is included.

One of the things I am most proud of is that these kitty dolls are free-standing and posable. They are so much fun to make and dress. A kitty would make a great gift for yourself or a loved one or to celebrate a life event!


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