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Adding a Basket Handle to your Goodness Bowl

by Jean Paccagnan

Have you ever wanted to make a personalized Easter or 'gathering' basket? If you'd like to try some English 'Pellon' Piecing, do a little meditative, slow stitching, or showcase some of your favourite fabrics, you'll enjoy turning your Goodness Bowls into fun baskets by adding handles! Simply cover a two strips of stabilizer with fabric and machine topstitch or quilt the handle. Hand sew the handle ends to the inside of the outer bowl and then insert the inner bowl inside. Sew the two bowls together at the top edge. The Goodness Bowl pattern is available at and the handle instructions are available in the download/link below.

Ps. You could use coordinating fabrics, a print with an interesting design detail, add trims, or perhaps come up with other ideas for fun handles such as braided fabric, covered rope, or wide ribbon! Whatever you do - I hope that you'll share a picture of your creation with us at,, or @whatsmatildawearing and #sotreasuredfabricbowl on Instagram. (*Note: The basket handle download is easier to find when on a computer rather than iPad or phone.)

Goodness Bowl Handle ver 1
Download PDF • 19.27MB


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