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Easy Felt Doll Coat Pattern - by Jean Paccagnan

Make a sweet little felt or boiled wool doll coat in under 10 minutes! Here's a simple pattern that can be used as is, enlarged or reduced to fit your special dolly, made by anyone regardless of sewing skill level, and tweaked or embellished to suit. This wee coat was made using boiled wool fabric from Willow Cottage Quilt Co in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. First, the off-white wool was dyed using RIT dye in hot water, rinsed, squeezed, laid flat, and left to air dry. The fabric thickened up and became even more like a thick wool felt yet still retained its softness and flexibility. The coat in the photo is paired with one of Kitte's doll dresses. Of course, when the other dolls saw Kittie in her new outfit, then all of dolls wanted coats too! Click below to download the pattern if you'd like to make some simple, easy coats! Cheers.

short felt coat ver 1
Download PDF • 759KB


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