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Free Pattern for Teddy Dolly Apron

Does your little teddy or dolly that you know need a little apron? Have fun making this simple apron using the pattern template provided in the pdf below. *Note: The pattern can be enlarged or reduced on a photocopier since the tracing line is the sewing line or adjusted by hand to fit your favourite little teddy or doll! This apron is a great little project to personalize, make for a special gift, or use to teach a friend to sew!

Teddy Dolly apron pattern ver 1
Download PDF • 228KB

Click here for the Apron pattern ---------->

1) Making Templates: Glue the pattern page to cardstock (thicker paper) and cut out on the line. This makes a durable template that is easy to trace around and reuse! Some crafters like to use clear template plastic sheets instead of cardstock so they can see through the template to "center" or highlight a particular motif or area of the printed fabric. To make a plastic template, use a glue stick to lightly glue the pattern page to a plastic template sheet, cut out the pattern shape on the line, and then remove the paper and glue from the clear template. Add the "leave open" markings to your template. If you have access to a photocopier that allows you to print directly onto cardstock or plastic sheets, that is another easy option for making sturdy templates.

2) To make your apron, place your apron fabric right side up, lay another piece of fabric for the lining on top so the pieces are right sides together (RST). Place your apron pattern template on the 'lining' fabric with the arrow matching the grain of the fabrics. Trace around the template with a fine-line air-erase marking pen (I like the Sewline air erase pen). The purple pen lines will disappear with time and will not be visible on your dolly apron. *Make sure to mark the "leave open" lines at A & B.

3) Remove the template and pin the fabric layers together. Do NOT cut out yet. Using a small stitch (approximately #2 on my machine) and a transparent sewing foot, sew on the line all the way around the apron outline from A -> B, leaving the small area open/unsewn where indicated on the pattern.

4) Holding the layers together, trim 1/8" (3mm) away from the sewing lines you just sewed, leaving a little wider seam allowance (approx. 1/4" or 5mm) beside the "leave open" area as shown below.

5) Use tweezers, hemostats, or your stuffing stick to help you gently turn the apron right side out and carefully push out the corners and flatten seams. Fold each edge of the seam allowance of the "leave open" area inside the apron. Press flat with iron.

6) Thread ribbon, string, or yarn on a wide-eyed needle, tie a single knot on the end, and insert through the opening and exit at the corners (marked with a star on the pattern template). Repeat for each "tie".

7) This method allows for a reversible apron.

8) Alternatively, you could use a small piece of elastic for the top of the apron and make straps with Velcro attachments for the side ties if the apron will be played with by a younger child who might find tying more delicate ribbons or strings difficult.

9) To finish, hand sew the small opening closed with a ladder stitch.

10) Embellish as desired. Embroidery can be added, fabric motifs can be cut out and ironed on using double-sided fusible web, even apron pockets could be added. The possibilities are endless. Have fun!


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