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Making a Fabric-Covered Button

I LOVE making little fabric-covered buttons for my teddy doll dresses. These pictures show how I made the wee "button" accent for the dress shown on the cover of the new Flopsy pattern.

First, I search for the smallest, flattest button I can find in my button stash.

Next, I cut a small circle of fabric just big enough to cover the front of the button and fold over to cover most of the back. Often I use the scraps left over from the doll dress.

Do a running stich around the edge.

Pull to gather the edges in towards the center back of the button.

Flatten and secure the fabric edges with small stitches back and forth the back of the button.

Knot and then sew on dress. For the button on Flopsy's dress, I centered a blue flower from the print of the fabric I used for the skirt. Voila! So easy and fun.


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