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Making Different Size Teddy Dolls

Did you know that you can enlarge or reduce your teddy dolly patterns on a photocopier to make a larger or smaller Matilda bunny, Lucky the elephant, or Kittie the cat. Simply put the pattern page on the copier, set the percentage you would like to reduce or enlarge it by, and hit copy. It's that's simple. The clothes patterns will enlarge or reduce as well because most of are block-sewed to some extent and the seam allowances are generally added. Where the seam allowances are not added in certain clothing items, you can always make a 'test' dress for example, to check the fit before using your favourite fabrics. Extra joint sets or varying sizes of joints can be ordered, just make sure to have a little space around the joint so they are not too big for the neck or too small to hold the head and limbs snug. (There should be a little free space around every joint.) PS. The pants and dress pattern seen above are included in the pattern and the hat and rompers are in the spring 2019 free newsletter!


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