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Making Faces

Making a doll like Flopsy bunny is like creating a little personality. Or, should I say, uncovering or discovering a little character!? Do you notice the same thing when making your dolls? While my creations tend to have a similar look to them, they never seem to look exactly the same - even if try! I hope you try teddy dolly 'creating' and ENJOY the journey!!

Let's start with the nose. Lately I have been using a glue stick to glue a tiny pink felt shape on center nose tip seam where I want to stitch the nose. You can embroider a nose directly onto a trimmed area of fur of course but this is an option for creating a base to sew over if you want to try something different. A single knot on the end of a strand of thin perle cotton thread is hidden under the felt shape. I usually start stitching in the middle to keep the nose centered and then I stitch each side.

Tie those glass eyes on their threads first - they are so much easier to hang onto while deciding on eye placement! Hold them up, move them around until the eyes "speak to you", and mark the location with pins. (Generally, the eyes look cute placed a little wider and lower than you might think.) If you make small holes by wiggling the fabric fibers apart with your awl, you can adjust the hole location slightly if the eyes don't look even. Remember, we are going for personality, not perfection! Who's perfect anyway!? Choose the look you like and what suits your bunny's face.

Attach the eyes as described in the Flopsy pattern. I secure the threads in the lower back neck area so the eyes appear like they are looking "up". I like to sink the eyes into the fur pile by gently pushing the eye into the head while tying the locking knot at the back. Some artists use thread to make indentations in the head before doing the eyes and face (to sculpt it further). Play around, there are no mistakes, only learning experiences!

Can you see this bunny's personality come through? This bunny just wanted to smile! What about those gorgeous glass eyes that catch the light!!

Now, ear placement can be a riot too! My husband loved the upright ears and so did I. Often though, I end up placing the ears on the side of the bunny's head or down low and towards the front like "pig-tails" because I want to be able to put hats on my bunnies. There is information on wiring ears in the Flopsy pattern as well.

Finally...use doubled sewing thread to whipstitch the ears on securely. Sew the corners down really well, fluff up the fur pile to hide stitching, and add a few stitches under the inner ear area to help the ears lay flatter or as desired. The most important thing is to not give up on your doll and make your doll your own.


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