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Matilda's Lop Ears & Bunny Tail

The Matilda bunny pattern comes with 3 ear styles. Here's another ear shape I like to use. It's a longer, slightly wider, almost "lop" ear that is fun to make. As for "tails", in general, I don't add them because I usually dress my dolls in clothes. I don't have the skills to make a nice opening on the small clothes for a tail but I do sometimes add a wee tail if the dress style accommodates a tail. I just love these little bunnies (and I even stroke their ears).

Click on the box below if you'd like a copy of the lop bunny ears and tail templates I used for these two Matilda bunnies made with Fireside fabric. Then check where your downloaded files are located to view and print. Have fun! Jean xo

Lop ears and bunny tail ver 1
Download PDF • 490KB


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