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My Favourite Tools for Making Small Teddy Dolls

These tools are SO helpful when you are constructing small creations. The items in the picture are (from the left):

- sharp, curved cuticle scissors (ideal for trimming small bits of fur/pile)

- 5 1/2" hemostats* (so helpful for turning small bits)

- the famous sotreasured stuffing stick (the flat, tapered, curved end makes for precise placement of fiberfill into small areas so you can "sculpt" or shape even the most delicate creations and is also handy as a turning turning tool)

- the Sewline fine line, AIR-erasable fabric pen (the pen I use to trace around pattern templates)

- Beadalon sparkle chain nose pliers (just the right size to turn the cotter pins for small joints ( I got mine from Michaels Craft store: item #10121794)

- a small awl with a tapered tip.

*PS. Most hemostats come with locking clasps. Cutting off some of the end of the metal locking clasp on your hemostats makes them even more wonderful to use! Sand the cut area smooth.


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