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Needle Felted Noses!

There are so many ways to finish a teddy doll face. This little sweetie was left unfinished for SO long. It was a bunny I made while testing out my Matilda bunny pattern. The tracing pen I used to trace the pattern wasn't the type of pen that 'air-erased' so I was left with some of the colour showing through the center head seam. I was dismayed but finally decided to finish the bunny regardless and have some fun experimenting with new techniques! Scroll down to see progress....

Marking the eye position with pins.

Attaching the glass eyes.

I used thread, needles, and pins to sculpt indentations and test different expressions.

The center nose seam was still 'wonky' and not stuffed firmly enough so I decided to needle-felt a pink nose first and then outline two sides of the nose triangle and then form a mouth (using 2 of the six strands of dark brown embroidery floss).

I mixed a tiny bit of light and medium coloured pink wool together by pulling the fibers apart and putting them back together again in a little ball. A bunny nose was needle-felted in place in a triangular shape and trimmed flat.

What do you think? The ears were sewn on low on the sides of the head and tacked down so they didn't stick out. Although this bunny turned out "a little sad looking", I am glad I finished this sweetie pie. Have fun experimenting with your teddy doll faces and most importantly, never give up! (PS. Don't be shy to contact me if you have any questions, I'd love to help.) Hugs, Jean xo


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