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Baby Matilda

Did you know that you can reduce or enlarge the Matilda or Lucky pattern on the photocopier by any amount to make the size of bunny or elephant that you want? One customer bought a Lucky pattern and sent me an adorable picture of an enlarged Lucky elephant she made for one happy little girl. It's fun to do. One tip is that if you decide to make a smaller bunny or elephant, keep the pile of the fur or material you choose short, sparse or low otherwise the little arms, legs, and ears are hard to turn. Here is a smaller Matilda bunny I made by printing the Matilda pattern at 75%. She stands about 5" instead of the usual 6". I have even made smaller ones. A Matilda or Lucky reduced by 50% will stand 3 1/2" tall. I used a short pile viscose for the one above but I have used a short pile upholstery velvet too.


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